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Learn and enhance your knowledge and skills in the area of materials, manufacturing, design and computing in engineering.

What I Do

I am a Professor (UK Reader) of Mechanical Engineering at University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

I Teach.

I have over 20 years of teaching experience across world leading higher education institutions teaching courses in mechanical engineering.


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I Research.

I create new knowledge through my research in the area of materials, manufacturing, structural integrity, finite element analyses and design.


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I Manage.

I have broad experience working and managing a range of projects across higher education institutions, automotive, aerospace, biomedical, oil & gas, and renewable industries.                      

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If you need any guidance or support related to materials, manufacturing, design and computing in mechanical engineering then feel free to contact me.

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Looking for something related to your learning needs or expertise to solve your problem then please see my courses and projects.

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My Story

I hold a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Stuttgart, Germany. I am a Fellow of Higher Education Academy of UK, a Chartered Engineer and a member of IMECHE UK. I am ranked in the list of top 2% world scientists with highest impact in the year 2021.

I have published over 80 articles in world leading international journals and conferences. My research grant portfolio in the past is over £2 million.

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