My groups’s research interests fall in the broad category of experimental and computational investigation of materials, structures and manufacturing processes. These include to some extent, the experimental supervision and in great detail formulating and application of computational frameworks and material constitutive models for metals, soft materials and their interfaces at different length scales. Our interests in these models are broad, spanning a wide range of macro-, micro- and nano-scale phenomena. Main areas of my research in the recent past and present include

Mechanistic Modelling Solutions

Data Driven Finite Element Methods

Developed a data driven solver which directly uses experimental data without needing any additional material parameters.

Deformation and Failure in Materials and Interfaces

We work on a range of metals, alloys, composites, biomaterials and their interfaces.

Stress Corrosion Cracking

This work focusses on understanding and predicting corrosion related degradation and failure in corrosive environments.

Additive Manufacturing

A range of additive manufacturing processes have been investigated including ultrasonic consolidation and 3D metal printing.

Metal Forming Processes

Develop new forming processes while investigating and predicting the physics of the processes for new materials.

Subtractive Manufacturing

Formulate and develop material removal process simulation tools, while optimising the process.

AI & Machine Learning based Solutions

AI & Machine Learning in Oil & Gas and Renewable Wind Energy Applications

This section gives a brief overview of the current and recent past projects done through a video presentation. 

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