This research has focussed on state of the art computational methods such as finite element methods and peridynamics to predict the deformation and failure in composites. We deal with wide variety of composites, such as fibre reinforced composites, metal/matrix composites, syntactic foams, etc.

Fibre Reinforced Composite

Selected Publications

C. Diyaroglu, E. Oterkus, E. Madenci, T. Rabczuk, A. Siddiq, Peridynamic modelling of composite laminates under explosive loading, Composite Structures, 144, 14-23, 2016.M.E. Kartal, L.H. Dugdale, J.J. Harrigan, M.A. Siddiq, D. Pokrajac, D.M.Mulvihill, Three-Dimensional In-Situ Observations of Compressive Damage Mechanisms in Syntactic Foam Using X-Ray Micro Computed Tomography, Journal of Materials Science, 52, 10186-10197, 2017.