Multiscale Ductile Damage in Metals & Alloys

Ductile damage in metals is the main focus of the research. My research group is involved in understanding and developing multiscale computational frameworks for materials undergoing ductile deformation and failure. We have investigated single and dual phase alloys in this context and developed computational frameworks to simulate ductile damage at various length scales.

Selected Publications

Umair Bin Asim, Amir Siddiq, Mehmet E. Kartal, Representative Volume Element (RVE) based Crystal Plasticity study of Void Growth on Phase Boundary in Titanium alloys, Computational Materials Science, 161, 346-350, 2019.Umair Bin Asim, Amir Siddiq, Mehmet E. Kartal, A CPFEM based study to understand the void growth in high strength dual‐phase Titanium alloy (Ti‐10V‐2Fe‐3Al), International Journal of Plasticity, 2019. (Accepted)M. A. Siddiq, A Porous Crystal Plasticity Constitutive Model for Ductile Deformation and Failure in Porous Single Crystals, International Journal of Damage Mechanics, 28, 233-248, 2019.U. Asim, M. A. Siddiq, M. Demiral, Void growth in high strength aluminium alloy single crystals – A CPFEM based study, Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering, 25, 035010, 2017.T. El Sayed, E. Gurses, A. Siddiq, A phenomenological two-phase constitutive model for porous shape memory alloys, Computational Materials Science, 60, 44-52, 2012.A. Siddiq, R. Arciniega, T. El Sayed, A Variational Void Coalescence Model for Ductile Metals, Computational Mechanics, 49, 185-195, 2012.

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